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Don't let me go →

Kurt and Blaine are at a crossroads. Let their love die or fight to their last breath for their marriage? When everything seems to be over, something unexpected forces them to get back together and face their demons. It will be a journey of discovery for both of them, which will lead them to rediscover their love and understand that perhaps all is not lost.

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firefox is blocking out

who do I have to kill to get back in?

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Where'd you go →

Inspired by the Fort Minor song “Where’d you go?”

Kurt is in Los Angeles as a fashion magazine intern and Blaine is waiting for him in their New York house. The summary of a year spent apart, and the consequences that come from having to choose between work and love.

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WTF Glee?

Let me tell you. Thank God for the fan fictions. Because this level of low in Glee? It makes me want to leave the fandom entirely. And i’m not just talking about the Kurt storyline (And the kiss that SHOULD have happened right after Blaine went to NY with Burt right? so..well done writers.) But the whole episode is useless and worthless. And OMG where the fuck is Blaine?????? I really have no idea where are we going with this season.. But it will not be a happy place.

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14 First World Problems From The 90s →

loooooooooooooool.. i don’t know what’s more funny. the problems or James Van der Beek horrible crying.

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this guy has a heart of gold.

there’s nothing better than having your love for a celebrity so rightly justified.

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"You’re My Best Friend" (Full Performance) [Source]

this is getting weirder every day..

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